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9 Weeks, 2 Programs, Infinite possibility!

Rise into a new dimension of your Divine Feminine power with The Liberation Bundle:

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Unveil Your Divine Feminine Leader
by Embracing Your Fear in 6 weeks!

Price: $555 US

Unveil Your Divine Feminine Leader
by Embracing Your Fear in 6 weeks!

Price: $555 US

Hello Goddess,

Who would you be, if Fear didn’t exist?

Hit play on the short audio visualization and let’s take a moment to invite her forward.

You are here because you are being called to move into a higher version of self.

She may be healthier and happier, free from abuse.

She may be out of the present relationship, dating the partner of her dreams.

She may be confident enough to speak and act her truth.

That higher self steps gracefully to the beat of her own drum, unaffected by the criticism and opinions of others.

She is confident, courageous, empowered and encircles in self love.

That higher version of self is your sacred Divine Feminine Leader.

Your Divine Feminine Leader is waiting for you to make a one-degree shift in your mindset and your belief. But there is one daunting challenge that makes this change feel impossible. The path to that powerful Divine Feminine Leader who rules her own world and lives the life she wants is shrouded by Fear and the cloak seems too heavy to lift alone. Goddess, you are not alone. Women across the globe are ready to rise up and live as the Divine Feminine Leaders they desire to be, but they too want the support of a Tribe of Sisters who pass no judgement, believing whole-heartedly that it is possible to live a more aligned, more fulfilling life.

What if you had a place to…

  • Safely reveal the Fears that you hide in the pockets of your soul
  • Identify and work through each Fear alongside Marlo and the Tribe
  • Unravel the story behind your Fear and recreate that story
  • Surround yourself with other powerful women who celebrate and support your growth as you Ascend
  • Receive thoughtful, intimate Coaching with Marlo as you move through each Fear

Ascension is divided into five specific daily themes each week

Earth – Grounding and nurturing self, creating a solid foundation for growth
Air – Designing a new life through the power of communication, and the power of the mind
Water – Recognizing subconscious patterns, and cleansing self of negativity to make room for transformation
Fire – Using passion as your purpose to create new dreams, tap into your power and destroy limiting beliefs
Spirit – Harnessing your unlimited potential and ascending with pure energy and infinite expansion, while embracing and facing your Fears

The 5 Elements provide a roadmap for the daily content as we work through existing stories, rewire our mindset and align our energy with that which we desire and dream of while connecting to Source and Self in a more meaningful way.


Daily accountability posts created specifically to help you navigate through the Fear that is holding you back from living large and committing to your goals each day

Membership in a private and intimate Facebook community for Divine Feminine Leaders who are on a journey of facing their own Fears, together

Weekly live Goddess Calls to deliver new content and information about Fear and to connect to the Tribe

Daily, ongoing intimate discussion and support within the Tribe

Weekly Journaling prompts to move you through your Fear and master your mindset

Weekly group Q and A’s to nudge you off the edge and into your truth followed by a Facebook live to answer questions and support you in the journey with light (or not so light) Coaching by yours truly

Intimate video messages from me to you to help you walk through the next phase of change, and remind you of your greatness

You will develop a healthy relationship with your Fear and crack the code to moving ahead in your life as you embrace it

Information Vs Transformation

This is a transformative program. Through support and powerful strategies you will find yourself free of the weight of your Fears. That is where the difference lies. Where you want change, we will nurture and create change.

Here is what others say about Ascession program:

Fear that Appears As You Ascend Can Cause You to Feel:


Why is FEAR showing up at this stage in your journey?

What Fear needs facing and what lesson do you need to learn?

Before you say “I have no idea” and throw up your hands, I ask you to consider what you would say to your client, your child or your partner. Leaders are also experts at avoiding when they choose to.

Leaders are often driven to take the lane they know is clear and easy and blast through it, but in the momentum and the blur of excitement they are also “experts” at avoidance.

Things that leaders often say that are signs of Fear:

“I am having a super successful year in my work. It can wait.”

“I don’t have time. I’m too busy trying to make money!”

“I have a great, supportive partner. I don’t need the income. I would be okay without it although the independence would be nice.”

“I already have great friendships. I don’t have time to be everything to everyone. My god, I am totally stretched as it is.”

“I am confident speaking to others about their business, but when it comes to my own business, it’s a mess.”

“I love my work, my business is thriving and from the outside it looks great. Something is missing, but I don’t have time to figure it out.”

“I’m bored, but I make good money.”

“I have good months and bad months. I can’t seem to stay consistently in the game. Something is wrong with me.”

“My clients and loved ones love me for who I am. Although I desperately want to change I can easily cover it up for now. It’s just too much to think about at the moment.”

If any of these resonate you are not alone. There are things that are easy for you to face, and then there are the things that are painful to face and you undeniably know that you must stop running from them and get the support you need to move through them, and ascend.

Your Ascension awaits.

Now you might be reading this thinking to yourself, this is exactly what I need but you are afraid to admit you need help.

What we know for sure:

1. The Fears that you are avoiding will continue to appear until you meet them and embrace them
2. The thing(s) you are running from won’t go away no matter HOW successful you are.
3. Beneath that shroud of Fear lies the powerful Divine Feminine Leader that you are

Fears show up in a million different ways…

low opinion of self
constant negative self talk
lack of passion
dislike for others, especially women
ESPECIALLY successful women
constant comparison
financial messes
unhappy and unfulfilling relationships
paused programs

“The only difference between you and the person who is living their dream is that they are taking action despite the Fear”

Marlo Ellis

Why can’t we just go around fear?

Fear is just another way of our soul asking us to pay attention. Going around Fear is ignoring your truth. As a conscious Divine Feminine Leader your whole message is based on a foundation of truth. To speak truth you need to face your truth and be honest with yourself about your truest desires.
Fear is the number one reason why women allow themselves to live lives that are unfulfilling and limited. By taking this program and ascending you are changing that.

As Feminine Leaders we are faced with Fear more often than we would like. When we can confidently call BS on the excuses we use to stay comfortably numb, it changes our path, our lives, and the world we live in.

Some familiar Fears that love to show up are…(some more than others)
Fear of failure
Fear of success
Fear of destitution
Fear of Isolation
Fear of being alone, forever
Fear of starting over
Fear of remaining unseen
Fear of being heard
Fear of never being heard
Fear of pain
Fear of death

The list is things we are fearful of is endless and the reasons why we use fear as an excuse to stay stuck and unhappy is equally long.

Over a six week period,

you will be divinely led through your Fear, so you not only understand it but are able to navigate through it as you ASCEND into your greatest version of servant leader.

Week 1
Unearthing the Fear
Declaring the Dream

Week 2
Using the Evidence
Greeting the Goddess

Week 3
Inviting the Intuitive
Consciously Creating the Future

Week 4
Leaning into Faith
Fuelling Up With Passion and Purpose

Week 5
Predicting the Possible Fears
Understanding Old Stories

Week 6
Becoming the Servant Leader
Ascension Into The Divine Feminine Leader

As you are Ascending you will be nudged to tap into your truth. There is a very good chance that Fear is your default emotion and the basis for the majority of your decisions that are keeping you playing small, but the underlying stories are much deeper and require unfolding.

$555 US

or $100 US/week for 6 weeks

The Liberation Bundle

9 Weeks, 2 Programs, Infinite possibility!

Rise into a new dimension of your Divine Feminine power with The Liberation Bundle:

✅ Your 3 Minute Story Masterclass (value 333US)
✅ Ascension (value 555US)

🔅Special Isolation Offer🔅
Value 888US For Only 555US!