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Women thrive in connection, conversation, and circle. Despite technology and the world wide web, especially in these trying times we are feeling more disconnected and isolated than ever, with women experiencing higher incidents of mental health and violence than any other time in history. We are at a critical time – a time of growth and radical shifts in the way that our world and women are interacting with one another. In response to this unprecedented need, The Uncommon Woman International is providing safe spaces for women to connect, share, and grow without prejudice or judgement.

Chapters: The Uncommon Woman International presently hosts Chapters across Canada and USA. We are a body of heart-centred women committed to personal and spiritual growth, and who value building meaningful connection with other like-minded women in our communities. Understanding the importance of acceptance and vulnerability, we provide intimate, inclusive spaces for women to be SEEN and HEARD, and create communities for women who crave meaningful relationships in times of change and challenge.

Touching nearly 20,000 women across the globe, The Uncommon Woman™ has quickly grown to become a leading social movement for women, creating safe spaces virtually and via live events, programs, and community initiatives for women and children in need.

Service: The Uncommon Woman International is on the frontlines facilitating powerful initiatives for women and children. As advocates for equal rights and opportunity, we are committed to initiatives that support, educate, and empower women and children by providing safe spaces, and opportunities for growth and connection while restoring human dignity.

If you are a women who values deeper connection, safe spaces, and heart centred service, we would be honoured to have you join us.

Brandon, MB, Director

Rocky Mountain House, AB, Director

Sarasota, FL, Director 

St. Catharines, ON, Executive Team Lead

Denver, CO, Director

Calgary, AB, Director

Springfield, ON, Director

Houston, TX, Director


Connect with like minded women who value community, personal and spiritual growth, and deeper conversation

Build life long relationships of support and confidentiality in a safe container

Access powerful transformative experiences that will serve your soul, build your confidence, and provide you with the tools you need to live an abundant and successful life

Discuss present women’s issues, and our roles and opportunities to serve 

Meet wome from The Uncommon Woman Chapters across the globe

Network and collaborate with other women who possess similar vision, values, and life experiences

Participate in meaningful dialogues, and community initiatives that ignite change for women in need

Build your communication skills, apply to be a guest speaker, and share your message with other women who need to hear it

Access The Uncommon Woman Live events at a discount


TUW Chapters come together 2x per month, once by region and once globally, to meet virtually for between 1 – 1.5 hrs via Zoom

Monthly Chapter Virtual Meetups are hosted by the Chapter Directors in their region

Content, topic, and outline are uniform across all Chapters and relevant to present world and womens issues

Guest speakers, large and small group discussion, and deeper exploration and connection 


Choose a plan and become a member of the Chapter nearest you:

UPONupThe Abundance Model:
At TUW Int’l we want as many women as possible to feel supported in these trying times. Women in our community and across the globe are feeling the effects of the present crisis and so in response, we have decided to keep our membership as affordable and accessible as possible, while continuing to provide rich programming  and a sacred circle of Sisterhood.

The Uncommon Woman is presently building a scholarship fund to provide resources and education to women in need. You are invited  upon CHECKOUT to contribute to the transition of a woman in need from a shelter or a position of poverty to a stable and safe environment. Our goal is to educate, support, and empower women and by providing safe spaces, opportunities for growth and connection and while restoring human dignity. 

Marlo Ellis, Founder, The Uncommon Woman Group Inc.

 Monthly plan of $29US as of Jan 1 2021

Annual Subscription of $247US as of Jan 1 2021

*Receive an Uncommon Woman Boutique Gift