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With more than a decade of professional experience working with women in the personal transformation space, Marlo Ellis, Founder of The Uncommon Woman and Rose Gold Leadership, is committed to the growth and rise of the divine feminine leader.

After rising up from her own personal and professional crisis in 2012, Marlo opened her own fitness facility which quickly became a hub for Sisterhood and community. What started out as a fitness facility quickly became the “home away from home” for many women who craved friendship and open and honest conversations that ignited deeper personal transformation. After recognizing a need for community, Marlo closed her gym in May 2015 to dedicate her life work to supporting other women in their own rise and to provide them with the tools and Community she needed but never had.

Her latest project under the umbrella of The Uncommon Woman is the launch of The Uncommon Woman Chapters in Canada and Mexico. This is just the beginning of the next phase of her vision for her ministry and she is excited to host them virtually for the first time in June, 2020.

Today Marlo is known for leadership on the front lines of the feminist movement, and her vision and ability to create unique, safe spaces (both on- and offline) for women to be seen and heard as they share their most personal and painful experiences. Her passion and desire to connect her Community to powerful teachers and healers has led her to create The Uncommon Woman Tour, which has gone virtual as a result of the latest crisis.

“Project Pivot Serve” has become her mantra as she continues to shift with the needs of her Community.

In these uncertain times one thing IS certain—we’re united by a common experience.

We are united in this together, but the WAY that we are in this together has changed; and that is where some of our uncertainty lies. Where our sanctuary used to be a small healing circle at the cozy yoga studio down the street, we are now part of virtual healing circles with people from across several continents.

As our world shifts, we are shifting. Oh, how amazing and adaptive the human spirit truly is.

So, consider yourself invited into a space of infinite possibility, a “room with no walls,” only limitless expansion. In your company are some of the most powerful healers and wise souls that you’ve ever met: servants of humanity, people with powerful gifts and timely messages, driven by a desire to serve and help as you navigate the unknown spaces between your past, your present, and your future.

Their commitment to healing our world aligns with what we all need in these vulnerable and shaky times.

The Uncommon Woman Online Tour is a digital experience that unites heart and mind in a ministry of love.

Over 13 days you will be connected to thought leaders across North America as they share their wisdom in an open dialogue about the things that we are all seeking answers to in this moment. From struggling with mental illness and grief, to keeping your business afloat in a hurting world, these speakers are here to share their truth and their message.

…We invite you to join us.

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Our Amazing Lineup Of Speakers

Facebook: Too Much Woman
Instagram: @ginahatzis
YouTube: Too Much Woman

Gina Hatzis: Igniting Your Self 

April 18 at 9am EST (7am MST)


A recovering journalist, Gina has spent the past 26 years as an International Corporate and Public Speaker, specializing in soulful leadership, conscious communication and epic empowerment.

She’s also a blogger, a writer, a spoken word artist and the host of her show, Spiritual G Spot, broadcasting in over 70 countries worldwide.

Gina has two viral videos amassing over 40 million views, and is currently on a global tour as the Spearhead and Visionary for the Too Much Woman Movement, a platform for women who want to shine fully in their glory.

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Jay Bradley: Energizing Change and
Soaring Positivity

April 19 at 2pm EST (12 noon MST)


Jay Bradley is a Breathwork Healer & Teacher living in Los Angeles. He is the author of LIVE LOOK FEEL, The 12-Week Guide to Live Longer, Look Younger & Feel Better, and the creator of Chakra Balms™.

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Jacquie Kennedy: Choose Healthy: Fitness Routines for Body, Mind & Soul

April 20 at 4pm EST (2pm MST)


Owner of Sweatclub Fitness Studio and Virtual Sweatclub, Jacquie has been on a journey of personal transformation and physical fitness since 2011. Her journey has inspired thousands as she continues to support others in their physical fitness as they rebuild their mindset.

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Instagram: @businesswithsarah

Sarah Swain: It’s the End of the World As We Know It (and I still have a business to run)

April 21 at 4pm EST (2pm MST)


Sarah Swain is a former corporate hustler turned Lifestyle Entrepreneur
turned CEO of The Great Canadian Woman Inc.™, The Creator of Entreflix™, a top podcast host, and a business strategist for online, serviced-based businesses. With a fierce combination of heart, leadership and strategy, Sarah has been able to help a countless number of women remove their blocks, discover their greatness and start blazing trails.

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Melody Faulkner: The Importance of Resilience

April 23 at 2pm EST (12 noon MST)


“Everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about, so we should always be kind.” Melody’s battle is one of recovery from addiction, trauma, and immeasurable loss after losing her husband at 33, only to be diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years later. A master of cultivating resiliency at a time where the world feels as if it is falling apart, she helps others uncover new ways to cope during this unprecedented time and live a beautifully intentional life in the process.

Lesley Logan: Body Movin’ 

April 24 at 2pm EST (12 noon MST)


Lesley Logan, NCPT, is the founder of, the first free online catalog of Pilates exercise tutorial videos. When not teaching from her studio in Los Angeles, Lesley can be found traveling the world leading Pilates retreats, or offering Pilates business coaching to studio owners and other instructors through her private mastermind group. 

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Kim Lamontagne: Recognizing Mental Illness and Supporting Mental Wellbeing

April 25 at 11am EST (9am MST)


Kim Lamontagne is a passionate mental health advocate who shares her experience of suffering in silence in the workplace from depression and alcohol use. As a top performing corporate professional, Kim feared that speaking out about her mental illness would tarnish her professional career. Sober for 10 years now, Kim empowers leaders to remove their mask of fear and shame and speak openly about mental health. 

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Facebook: Roy Ellis

Roy Ellis: Covid-19: Living
WITH Crisis, Not IN Crisis

April 25 at 2pm EST (12 noon MST)


Roy Ellis has spent the last 30 years working in environments where loss and trauma are experienced every day. Before taking on the role of Bereavement Coordinator for the Palliative Care Service in Halifax, Roy worked nearly a decade in the acute care mental health system where he became acquainted with the spiritual and psychological roots of intense human suffering. Roy is co-developer and co-director of Camp Kedooopse, a bereavement camp for children and teens in Nova Scotia. He is presently writing a book on grief.

Instagram: @LizyIrvine
Instagram: @overnightsuccessguide
Facebook: Lizy Hoeffer
LinkedIn: Lizy Hoeffer
Youtube: Lizy Hoeffer

Lizy Hoeffer: SMART Budget

April 26 at 12:30pm EST (10:30am MST)


Ranked No. 1 female loan officer in the nation for most closed loans (Scotsman Guide, 2019) and as the No. 1 Hispanic loan officer in the nation, (NAHREP, 2019) Senior Loan Officer Lizy Hoeffer proves every day that “passion changes everything.” With over 17 years of mortgage industry experience, Lizy works for CrossCountry Mortgage, a leading independent mortgage banking company. She started as a receptionist in the mortgage industry and has worked her way to become a top 1 percent originator and closed over 980 loans in 2019.

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Dr. Steven Fonso: Mind Over (Family) Matters: Balancing Time and Maximizing Potential
at Home

April 27 at 4pm EST (2pm MST)


Dr. Steven Fonso, B.Sc, D.C. is the founder and creative director of Veressent Life. Working one-on-one with over 120,000 people, he has built a reputation for delivering results to accelerate health and healing. His new book, Finding Magic in the Mess, teaches people about living in presence, connection, gratitude, love and unity. He now teaches parents, educators and team leaders how to best manage their inner state while working with young children, how to get the most out of children’s potential, as well as providing strategies to overcome the challenging stresses of everyday life.

Leah Parsons: Finding Stillness in Chaos

April 28th 6pm EST (4pm MST)


A Speaker, Guide and Spiritual Warrior, Leah has been on a lifelong journey of overcoming adversity. Her longest and most challenging journey began in 2013 when her daughter, Rehtaeh Parsons, died from the the injuries sustained as the result of a suicide attempt after being raped and cyber abused. She was 17. Knowing that there was only one way to find her way back into the light, Leah began a spiritual journey which has led her into a powerful life of service for others who seek answers and deeper meaning in their pain through their own spiritual journey. 

Instagram: @ninaruberto

Nina Ruberto: Surviving the Journey

April 29 at 2pm EST (12 noon MST)


Nina is the owner of Like A Boss Coaching where she is a holistic cancer coach, specializing in helping women with breast cancer. Nina is not only a survivor of breast cancer, but a survivor of divorce, walking away from a thriving career, moving cities with 3 children, and starting over… like COMPLETELY OVER. Nina shares her story of feeling “stuck” in her life on all levels, inside and out, and how a dramatic cancer diagnosis actually gave her LIFE.

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I can’t wait to share these powerful conversations with you!