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Have you ever felt like your story has so many layers to it that you would never know where to start, if someone asked? Or, have you ever felt like your story would change so many lives if you could JUST put it into the right words?  Although you may not believe me, (not yet anyway) I will help you navigate the fog and find clarity and ease in your stories.

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"How do I know where to start when I have so many stories, and so many layers to each story?"

Sound familiar?

Have you ever promised to give your bestie or therapist the short version, only to leave them checking their watch or billing you double because the short version is really, really long?

The problem isn't that you are a terrible story teller, or that you don't want to talk about your stuff or share it with someone who wants to listen. What you think the problem is isn't the problem at all.

So often we assume that women don't want to talk about their painful stories, so they keep quiet or stumble their way through a long version.

The real problem is that we don’t always know where to start, what to say, or how to say it without falling apart at the seams, OR being paralyzed by fear.

In the four step process of TRUTH I will support you and guide you into the opening up process, the part that is the most significant when beginning to share your painful stories.

In TRUTH you will rebuild confidence, courage, and clarity you desire as you sift through your stories to expose the diamonds that are the beautiful experiences and life lessons. From this very gentle and powerful process, you will create the most beautiful three minute story that takes a lifetime of lived experience and magically molds it into a story that leaves people on the edge of their seats.

This is the magic of TRUTH. This is the magic of crafting your own three minute story.





Join Marlo and her powerful community of women with stories just like yours in Truth Masterclass, a specialized program designed for the Uncommon Woman who wants to build her courage, and stands on the shoulders of her story so she can share it with confidence and courage, and possibly positively impat someone else's life.