Imagine yourself standing on a stage under the soft glow of lights in front of an audience of people who are there to hear your message, find inspiration in your journey, and leave transformed by the story you are about to tell.

You feel confident, clear and ready to go! Your makeup and hair are on point, and you are wearing the perfect outfit – the very one you always imagined yourself wearing for this moment. As you step out from behind the curtain and onto the stage you breathe deeply, and you smile as you look out at the audience, and as you speak your lose yourself in the flow and the ease of it all.

You have finally moved from Seats to Stage.

You are home.

Sister, welcome to Seats to Stage, the program for the woman with a story that could change lives and save souls.

Congratulations for having the fortitude to step forward and consider moving from Seats to Stage as your next step into your personal power and your legacy.

Seats to Stage is for two kinds of women:

The woman who sees herself on stages, but doesn’t know where to start:

At least 75% of the women I speak to tell me that they have always seen themselves on stages, but they don’t think it could actually happen. They don’t have a clue where to start, and they cannot imagine anyone wants to hear what they have to say. They have a lifetime of stories, and experience, but the thought of speaking on stage is terrifying. I know that if you can dream it you can do it.

The woman who is already standing in her power, possibly even speaking on stages, or doing a lot of public speaking in front of groups but she is ready to develop her skills and make a greater contribution:

I have women pull me aside all the time, women who have been speaking at workshops, or to rooms full of high power executives and on stages for years, but have never shared their personal stories from these platforms. This is a different kind of vulnerability and the thought of it is scary. For the powerful executive or the woman who wants to deepen her impact and refine her public speaking skills, Seats to Stage is a transformative process that brings your personal story and the lessons you have learned forward in a way that is totally unique and powerful, so you can leverage your impact and build a deeper relationship with your audience.

After 3 years of having conversations with thousands of women who desired to speak on stages, I listened to the universe and took it as a sign that there was something missing. I began to build the bridge between the untold stories of these incredible women and the stories being heard by the masses as I consciously designed Seats to Stage, a place for the woman who has a message to share and knows her story could change or even save lives.

In Seats to Stage we break down your story, sift through the emotion and the lessons and rebuild it so that you can stand on the shoulders of it, and deliver your message to any audience from any platform with confidence, clarity, courage and composure.

Seats to Stage is so much more than a speaking program. It’s a transformative journey into your life experience, the wisdom you have acquired, and the woman you have become.

After Seats to Stage you will command any stage like the Goddess that you are!

The live-in-person Seats to Stage Mastermind was incredible. It was an intimate full weekend with Marl jam packed with brainstorming, and digging deeper followed by a full day of hair, makeup, a professionally produced keynote and photo shoot! What more could a girl want? The entire process and graduation was amazing beyond expectations.

Kim Lamontagne
Mental Health Advocate and Speaker

Getting to the point where I could share my story without being IN my story took a lot of self work, determination, and energy. I Joined Seats to Stage with Marlo Ellis so that I could reach people who are struggling with their grief and trauma and let them know that they aren’t alone and there is hope to find joy and light again in their lives. I also want to let people who support loved ones in grief know what they can do and say that would be helpful, and what might be hurtful. One step towards healing is to be able to talk about it. And I am so thankful I am able to do so.

Shannon Miller
Founder, Conversations with Shannon

The Seats to Stage journey has changed my life. The story I carried in my heart and in my soul for 15 long years has come to light in Seats to Stage. Marlo showed me how to bring that story out by asking the tough questions. She showed us how to turn moments of weakness into purpose, and a painful experience into fuel for our personal power. She showed us how to see the lesson in every moment. I am now fulfilling my purpose. I now speak from several platforms, and have women sharing their stories with me. I now see that my story is powerful. Marlo, and the Seats to Stage program have changed my Life.

Randy Bryan

Seats to Stage has been a journey of tremendous self discovery through the excavation of my soul. This program has taken me to places in my heart that I feared to go. Marlo has created a safe space in order for the deep work to evolve and therefore the truth of who has been waiting to speak, to emerge with confidence! I am forever grateful for this amazing work and for this tribe of support.

Carla Preston Harmer
You Are Worthy Movement



Seats to Stage is so much more than a program that will put you on a stage. Seats to Stage will take you on a transformative journey from the seats to the stage. No one just magically moves from sitting in the seats to standing under the bright lights of the stage. There is a whole process involved in the becoming, and the shift from student to teacher, and for many it’s a new role.

When we are sharing from the most intimate and vulnerable places in our soul we are moved and shifted in, often, uncomfortable ways. The most powerful speakers are those that can…

  • stand strong in their vulnerability
  • share from a place of deep emotion
  • command their message
  • captivate their audience

This takes practice. Because of the nature of the stories and the power and conviction of the women who are part of The Uncommon Woman movement, and those who are drawn to speak and move from Seats to Stage, there is often an emotionally charged story to be told. That is something that we work on together so that you can deliver your message from a place of personal strength, and purpose.


Identify the powerful impact that your story has had on your life

Stand on the shoulders of your story and share from a place of personal power and compassion

Be vulnerable in your truth and steadfast in your message

Speak with clarity, confidence, courage, and composure on any platform

Value your message and it’s healing power in the lives of others

Find your Community and support system that will lift you as you Rise

Create lifelong, meaningful relationships with women who get you

Learn to identify the pieces of your story that will help others in their healing process

Design your own speaking style and voice that is comfortable and captivating


Has a message she wants to share with the world

Knows the power and impact that a story can have

Would like to build stronger connections with the world around her

Understands the power of leveraging her story to create an impact

Wants to serve at a deeper level

Has always known she should be on stages

Values personal and professional growth and the development of stronger communication skills

Sees story telling as a powerful tool to have a greater reach and impact

Thrives in Communitys

Knows that her story can save lives and save souls

Is a change maker

Transformative, stellar, life changing and 100% worth the investment.

Marlo is a master at her work. She is a true definition of an Uncommon Woman. I am truly amazed by her gifts. She has an innate ability to teach women how to dig deep into the “vaults of their soul” to find their real truth and honor it. The process she has designed is genius.

Marlo’s style, passion, investment and level of commitment to her clients is like no other. Her programs are more than just speaking programs. She is unique because she takes the time to dive into the pain story to get to the root of the issue. She teaches you how to use that story and make a difference.

The Seats to Stage Live Mastermind was incredible. It was an intimate full day with Marlo that was jam packed with brainstorming and digging deeper. Hair, makeup, a professionally produced keynote and photo shoot! What more could a girl want? The entire process and graduation was amazing beyond expectations.

Because of Marlo, I have become super clear on my story, vision, mission and ideal client. I am fully equipped to take the next step in my journey.

If you are contemplating investing in Marlo’s programs, don’t wait. I truly understand the decisions we have to make about where to spend our money. The commitment I made to myself in 2018 was that 2019 was my year to soar. Investing with Marlo has given me wings I never knew I could grow. Because of Marlo’s programs, I am soaring higher than I ever thought I could. I turned the pain of my story into power to help others.

Kim Lamontagne
Seats to Stage, 2019

This program is for you if…

You are an entrepreneur or a woman with a strong desire to lead from the front and take your message to the masses

You are 100% willing to invest time in your personal and professional growth

You understand the value of professional training to gain the courage, confidence, clarity and command required to become an Influencer from the stage.

Financially stable and in a position you can invest in your growth.


16 Weeks of intimate coaching in a private community with Marlo and your Seats to Stage Community

Weekly training modules to guide you as you become an impactful speaker and leader

16 Weekly Group Mastermind Video Calls with Marlo and the Seats to Stage Community

1 x 1:1 60 minute Call with Marlo to craft your keynote

Deliver a TedX style speech from the stage and deliver it in your way at your VIP Live Mastermind

Professional photoshoot to capture the essence of your new version of self at VIP LIVE Mastermind

Bonus trainings and resources that will support you in your growth as you move through the process


Seats to Stage Live Mastermind
Get the answer to the question, “now what?” in a full day intensive with Marlo and your Community as you begin to lay out your next steps and take your message to the masses – topics may include (and are not limited to) monetizing your message, creating impact on and offline, activating your network, dialling in your ideal audience, and outlining your first live event

Capture your transformation in a Professional Photoshoot at the Seats to Stage LIVE VIP Mastermind

Design Your Professional Speaking Reel

Celebrate with your Community at the VIP Graduation Dinner


VIP Access to The Uncommon Woman LIVE

An opportunity to be featured as a speaker at future Uncommon Woman events

Access and exposure to The Uncommon Woman community and Marlo’s circle of influencers

I felt safe at all times with Marlo, whether we on a call together or meeting in person. She was professional, compassionate, open, supportive and knowledgeable. I felt that she had deep respect for the me and my pain story. She isn’t afraid of asking the difficult questions and at the same time encourages you to dig deep and explore your inner self, seeking answers. This to me is what separates Marlo from many other coaches, she assists in ‘unpacking’ your story. Sometimes that’s painful but we need to go there to get to the truth and subsequent growth. I liked how we had weekly small group zoom calls and then had home work for the week. We also had one: one time with Marlo which was very valuable.

I have gained tremendous clarity around where I want to go moving forward and how I want to make a difference in the lives of others. Marlo helped me weed through the complexities within my story, and help me narrow down where and with whom I would feel most comfortable sharing my story.

It’s difficult to put a price on establishing clarity, confidence and courage. Participating in any of Marlo’s programs are an investment in your own growth and personal development.

Brenda Wiese
Seats to Stage, 2019

One of the greatest human fears is public speaking! We get stuck in Fear and it can paralyze us from having the impact we know we are capable of!

  • Fear of judgement
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of not being seen
  • Fear of not being heard
  • Fear of forgetting
  • Fear of fainting
  • Fear of being criticized
  • Fear of boring others
  • Fear of not being good enough
  • Fear of not making a difference
  • Fear of looking ridiculous on stage

The FEELING of fear that goes with public speaking is real. But, the fear itself is only an emotion based on an outcome that has no evidence. In Seats to Stage we work so deeply on your story and the impact it will have that by the time you get to the stage all of the things on the list above WILL NOT MATTER. Nothing will stop you from sharing! I guarantee it!

What are you MORE afraid of?

Someone’s opinion of you, or the possibility of you missing the opportunity to change a life, or possibly save one?

Are you feeling a little fearful of taking the leap?

Seats To Stage is a program I started with hesitation and ended with jubilation: Hesitation because I didn’t feel worthy. Jubilation because I know I am worthy. I chose this journey because I knew I had untold stories lurking deep inside of me that needed to be shared to help me heal … to help others heal. This program is not just about getting onto a stage. For me it was about burrowing into my deepest personal stories, unveiling my sensitive soul in a safe space, and discovering a myriad of messages just waiting to be heard. Marlo’s compassionate guidance helped me to unleash my hidden vulnerability, and from that I’ve created the courage and confidence to step up and speak out about my life lessons so I can fulfill my passion to inspire change. Just when you think you know what you’re all about … you go to that next layer … and you keep uncovering to get to your own truth. I’m starting to get to know me and to love me a lot more. And I’m excited to share my stories to help save a life or save a soul

Janine McJannet


*open to change depending on needs of the group

Week 1: “The Agony of Your Untold Story”

Break through the glass ceiling of your limiting beliefs with confidence, courage and radical divine purpose so you can access the story that the world needs to hear from you.

Week 2: “Unveiling Your Untold Story”

Unveil the story beneath the story, identify the message that you are compelled to deliver that will be the foundation of the work you see yourself doing in this world.

Week 3: “Picking Up the Pieces”
Get clear on the pieces of your story that you want to bring forward with you in your message and release the things that are no longer serving you.
Week 4: “From Weakness to Wisdom”
Take a 360 degree look at your life and life experiences, turning the stories of pain and the moments of weakness into wisdom and lessons you will share with your tribe.
Week 5: “Finding Your Community”
Identify the people who NEED your message, dive deep into what they need to hear from you and how you will deliver
Week 6: “The Heart of the Matter”
Speak to your ideal audience, tap into their pain and connect with their heart through the proper language and voice
Week 7 & 8 : “Saving Souls from Your Seat”

  • 60 Minute Laser Coaching Session with Marlo
  • Take the first steps in crafting your influencer message
  • Two weeks of writing and feedback within the Community
Week 9 & 10: “Divine Delivery”
  • Become a Master of your Message and stand on the shoulders of your story
  • How to shoot a powerful video
Week 11: “Creating Magic”

Streamline your social media 
to match your message

Week 12: “Becoming”

Stepping into your new role as a leader, and professional speaker

Week 13-16: “Take it to the Masses”
  • Practice and feedback as you fine tune your message and speaking reel for the stage
  • Live interview with Marlo in The Uncommon Woman community

I believe that all women have stories to be told, and deserve to be seen and heard. Now is YOUR time. Now is OUR time.

“A woman with a microphone can heal a thousand wounds.”

Marlo xo

Acceptance into Seats to Stage is by application only.

The doors for Seats to Stage are currently open.
To apply for one of the sacred spots in Seats to Stage, go to the link below and fill out a short questionnaire.
Your application will be considered right away, and you will be contacted within 24 hours by email.