Have you ever felt as if you were never going to heal from the pain or overcome the challenge?

Not that long ago I felt lost, scattered and afraid that things were never going to get better.

Somewhere deep inside I knew I could live differently, but it was a subconscious knowing that never made a connection with my conscious self.

I kept thinking that I wasn’t good enough, strong enough, smart enough, wealthy enough or capable enough. And these feelings were eating me alive because at the time I was already suffering and I just couldn’t handle much more sadness or pain. I felt as if my life was falling apart and I had no control over it.

I felt that as a leader in the community with a thriving fitness business and a powerful voice that I should be strong enough to figure it all out on my own. I felt that asking for help was weak, and I didn’t need to feel any weaker than I already did. But I couldn’t get myself out of the tailspin I was in.

These feelings stopped me from feeling like I could live the life I saw myself living and doing the things I saw myself doing when I allowed myself to dream, things like living a life I was in love with and speaking on stages to hundreds of women. I knew in my heart what I wanted in my life but as much as I wanted it I felt I wasn’t as good as everyone else or worthy of that kind of magic.

I wanted to have the courage and confidence that the women like the women below have!

The Uncommon Woman Live

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September 29,

October 13,

October 6,

October 20,

Do YOU ever look at the lives of others from the sidelines and say…

“I wish this was me?”

Have you ever dreamt of feeling so confident that nothing seems impossible anymore?

What if you could shut the door on your fear, shame, and doubt?

Isn’t it time to open a new door, the door to acceptance and self-love?

If this sounds good to you, then don’t stop here. Stick with me because your answer to this next question will define your future, just like it did mine.

Are you ready to speak up and step away from the fear and opinions of other that have left you suffering in silence?

Most people aren’t ready or think they are strong enough, but I have a feeling you are.

It’s time to shed your old skin and accept who you really are – a beautiful, confident Uncommon Woman who deserves to be seen, and heard.

This is the life you desire, but it’s meant for someone who can love herself. Love and self-love are our birthright and yet we’re so used to feeling as if it’s a reward for good behavior.

My name is Marlo Ellis.

I am the Founder and Visionary of The Uncommon Woman, and a leadership coach for women who are no longer afraid to step through their deepest fear, raise their voices and share their stories with the world.

Now that I have found my voice I’m living the life I always wanted to live, running a thriving international business, spending my winters on the Mayan Riviera working from my laptop, connecting with the people there, helping educate their undereducated young girls, and putting women on national and international stages.

But I haven’t always been here. It’s been a powerful journey. The reason I can now share this with you from the other side of my darkness is because I understand that the only way to help others is to heal first, and that’s exactly what I did when I escaped a toxic relationship and built a wildly successful fitness business on $1000 and a wing and a prayer.

Five years later I have shifted into a deeper kind of transformational work with women, the kind I always dreamt of. I get to share my message from stages across Canada and the US, I host events in Canada and Mexico, and in 2019 I will be putting women just like you on international stages so they can share their stories, their truth, and their journey into joy and fulfillment.

I remember the lowest point of my life OH so well. I remember the endless stream of tears running down my face and burning into my skin and even deeper in my broken and battered soul.

I remember thinking I was worthless, useless and deserved nothing better than the toxic partner and empty life that brought me nothing but pain and loneliness.

But I also remember the truth.

The truth that came out soon after I’d cried all the tears I could possibly cry and exhausted the negative loop of dialogue in my mind.

I’m still here.

Despite everybody else, despite myself, I was still there, fighting to survive. I remember lying in bed, empty wine glass beside me on the pillow, wiping the last of the tears and smudged make up away, deciding I deserved so much better.

This was the moment when I realized my story had to be heard. Every woman’s story has to be heard.

At The Uncommon Woman Cross Country Tour you will be INSPIRED and MOVED by the stories of these Uncommon Women and their shift from pain into personal power.

Why is this the perfect place for you to be?

What is the first step to falling back in love with yourself and living in integrity instead of fear?

The first step is to surround yourself with women who unapologetically do just that and know exactly how you feel.

It’s time for you to step up, take back control of your life and let go of everything that breaks you down instead of lifting you up.

What will happen?

That subconscious reflex to put yourself down for every mistake you make? Gone!

That desperate need to follow our socially-conditioned path and fight other women for power? Gone!

That lack of a real community and Sisterhood? Gone.

Because from this moment on you will be an essential part of a tribe of women who know that sisterhood and support are essential for us to rise.

Today, you’re meeting The Uncommon Woman for the first time – and what a sweet moment it is!

On The Uncommon Woman stage you won’t see women blaming others for their situations and spinning in their darkest hours, indefinitely.

Nope. These women are unique – they are women with a powerful vision, that goes beyond their pain and suffering. They are ready to be part of a movement bigger than themselves and they are ready to take 100% personal responsibility for what they will do with that pain and suffering.

The Uncommon Woman is a movement for women just like you who are ready to feel proud of the life they’re living by helping them practice self-love, honesty and integrity.

The Uncommon Woman realizes that breaking away from fear doesn’t happen in a day – it’s a series of conscious choices in the right direction.

We know that when we come together as a community, we become powerful and unbreakable.

There are many events out there dedicated to storytelling, but The Uncommon Woman Cross Country Tour is SO much more than that. It’s a place of community, passion, celebration, love, and surrender. These stories come from the greatest pain and produce the most powerful transformation at the same time.

At any event dedicated to The Uncommon Woman you won’t see the typical stories you see on social media or even on the news. You’ll see real, raw, and uncomfortable truths most others are afraid to share coming right from the people who experienced them.

But we are more similar than we are different, and stories aren’t to be compared. The Uncommon Woman Tour is a place where women share their experiences as catalysts for change in others, despite similarities or differences in their stories or their lives.

Pick your location:

September 29,

October 13,

October 6,

October 20,

The Uncommon Woman events are for you if:

You have a story that is screaming to be told, but you may not be sharing it because:

You’re afraid of being judged.

You’re afraid of being rejected, isolated and called a liar if you share your truth.

You’re afraid you’ll die without ever experiencing the life of your dreams.

You’re afraid of the pain your story will cause you or others around you.

You’re afraid of living a life of isolation.

You’re afraid that I you’ll never move past the pain and discomfort of your past.

You’re afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone and risking meeting new people who don’t know you or understand your past.

You’re afraid that no one will believe you.

The Uncommon Woman is an inspirational global platform for women who have incredible stories of strength from struggle. The women who share their stories have continued to live empowered lives despite the pain and the odds.

I recall the very first event I ever went to by myself in 2015. I hopped on a plane headed to California with a small carry-on suitcase in one hand and a Starbucks coffee in the other.

Stuffed in my purse was a brand new red journal bought specifically for this event that said, “Start each day with an open heart” embossed in gold script across the front.

I hoped that if I did exactly as the journal said and immersed myself in the activities of the weekend that something magical would happen and my healing process would begin.

I had no clue what I was getting myself into, but I needed to take action and this was my last resort. Something in my life needed to change right away – and yes, you guessed it, it did. I finally allowed myself to be vulnerable and honest and speak my truth.

Because I’ve experienced first hand how powerful events can be I’ve dedicated my career to providing these experiences for women like you, people like you, who are ready to transform right now.

In The Uncommon Woman we don’t just run live events, however. We’re a powerful global movement made of powerful and unapologetic women, and we’re not afraid to talk about the real, the raw, and the uncomfortable but we do it with love, compassion and hope.

When you come to a The Uncommon Woman Live event, you’ll leave a different person. You’ll feel strong, confident and ready to build the life you’ve always wanted. You’ll be ready for it to be you on that stage next time around. And that could very well happen!

You know those familiar and annoying fears running through your mind that keep you from believing me? I’ve designed your experience in a way that dissolves each of those fears because I know they are keeping you from experiencing joy, fulfillment, and community.

Here’s what you get when you get decide to commit to one of our events:

A full day of inspiration, conversation and celebration

Keynote and surprise speakers






Open dialogue with speakers during an intimate Q & A

Powerful community

Soulful connection

The relief of knowing you are not alone

A solid dose of personal and possibly even professional growth in one incredible day


But that’s not all…

Here’s what else you’ll get:

Coffee, tea and water throughout the day

Live Music

Popcorn and comfy seats so you can sit back and take it all in!

An elite experience

Access to never before seen events at unheard of prices

The value of an event of this calibre is 300-400 dollars, minimum!
But you won’t pay anything close to that amount. In fact, you will pay LESS THAN 100 dollars for the entire day!

When you get your ticket to The Uncommon Woman event today, you’ll get it for only 99 dollars.

That’s it! I know it seems insane, but the purpose of this event it to make it an easy decision for you, without any guilt of over-investing.

Pick your location:

September 29,

October 13,

October 6,

October 20,

Here’s what people say about The Uncommon Woman events and Marlo Ellis:

Marlo is an inspiration as a woman, entrepreneur, influencer, and speaker. Her message is delivered in a fun, entertaining and engaging manner. Pure awesome. So dynamic! Michelle Cooper CFO and Founder of Alchemy Advising and The Money Rockstar Podcast
Marlo really helped me to recognize some areas of my life that were no longer in alignment with my highest self and helped me to find the courage and clarity to have the tough conversations and to finally make the changes I needed to. I am energetically freed up and my relationships with my husband, children and friends are much improved, my creativity is flowing and I’m creating art again! Thank you, Marlo, for all that you are doing for women!!! Heidi Sawyer Private Coaching Client 2018
I have seen Marlo speak on many occasions. She has has a captivating speaking style, like no other. She’s warm, but high energy and keeps her audience engaged and involved. She invites them to think about important things and look at how they are living their lives. Her years of coaching and speaking experience give her infinite stories to keep her audience engaged, entertained and involved in a dialogue of the soul. She has guided me through so of my most trying and important life moments, the good, bad, and ugly, encouraging me to come to terms with how I really feel and how I might best move forward as a better person. Each time I hear her speak I learn something new about myself and the power I have within. She is so very talented as a speaker, a facilitator of live events and an influencer. Jacquie Kennedy Friend and Coaching Client, 2018
Thank you for creating a space where I am able to simply be me, a space where my dreams expand, my heart loves deeper and my soul shines brighter and my purpose sparkles out of every part of my body. Thank you for creating this beautiful community and holding sacred space for us to just be. I am forever changed and blessed by the experience you so tenderly created for us. Aura Book Soul Sister Retreat 2017
This retreat is like no other personal growth experience I have experienced. We area all in this together and at no point did I feel like any one was elite to anyone else which has been my experience in the past. You created an open space for our souls to expand, our friendships to flourish and our painful pasts to start healing our mind, body and soul. I feel blessed to know you. Thank you for your unconditional love and being an example of being your unapologetic true self. Marci Weinstein Soul Sister Retreat, 2017

I believe you’re ready to embrace your inner Uncommon Woman!

Here’s what to do next:

There are 2 ticket types:

General Admission gives you full access to the full day of speakers, music, dialogue and connection

VIP celebration tickets holders will have front row seats to this event

Join us for an intimate wrap up party in the VIP Celebration area after the event. You will have the opportunity to meet Marlo and her Tribe of Uncommon speakers and volunteers, take pictures, clink glasses, share in snacks, swap stories and celebrate a beautiful day.

See you on the other side!

Event Schedule:

9:00 – 9:30

Arrival and live music

9:30 – 10:45

Welcome and first speaker and conversation

10:45 – 11:00


11:00 – 12:00

Second speaker and conversation

12:00 -13:15

Lunch out of the building

13:15 – 13:25

Live music

13:30 – 14:15

Third speaker and conversation

14:15 – 14:30


14:30 – 15:45

Final speaker, conversations and close

15:45 – 17:00


**Water, coffee and tea will be available
The Uncommon Woman Goddess Line of designer clothing by El Farrow Apparel will be available for purchase at each venue.

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