The woman with the greatest impact has a loving relationship with courage. - The Uncommon Woman

“I can’t believe I just did that!”

I hear this a lot from the women that I work with in my speaking programs, especially when upon our first meeting they tell me that there’s no way that they’ll ever speak openly and confidently about their painful experience and the journey they’ve been on ever since.

Inevitably I answer with “I understand your feeling this way, but I beg to differ. I know you will speak with confidence and openness about your story, no doubt about it. But you need the right container to do the work to get there and the right person to breathe belief into you in the process. Afterward, when you find yourself speaking openly and confidently about your past and how it’s impacted you, you’ll understand just how powerful you really are.”

See, I understand the mechanics and the inner workings of a woman with a painful past. I am her.

I know that the woman with a painful past is not silent because she wants to be.

She’s silent because she’s afraid.

She’s afraid of being judged.

She’s afraid of being rejected.

She’s afraid of not being believed.

She’s afraid of being interrogated.

She’s afraid that the truth will ruin her.

She’s afraid she isn’t strong enough to handle it.

She’s afraid of being alone.

Often, women tell me that they’re afraid that they may die if they speak their truth. They feel they may die from the heartbreak and pain of it all. Imagine!

Watching a woman move from sitting in the seats wishing she could talk about her story to commanding the stage is the single most powerful experience I have in my work. Most women know their story would support or encourage somebody else if they only had the courage to share it.

Courage is a characteristic that we nurture overtime. It’s not something that just shows up when it’s needed. However, we have to Awaken it to nurture it.

If you are gingerly avoiding speaking your deepest truth, you need to Awaken your courage, Sister.

I believe that women with the greatest impact are those who have a loving relationship with courage. How’s yours?

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Marlo Ellis, Founder/CEO The Uncommon Woman