The Uncommon Woman Project

The Uncommon Woman Gallery is an ever-growing gallery of moving and evocative black and white images that women in The Uncommon Woman Ministry have taken and submitted for Gallery use. The Uncommon Woman Gallery has given women in the Community the opportunity to share their story through artistic expression and connect with the other women in their healing journey.

The women are asked to write a word, phrase or sentence on their body with a marker or eyeliner that represents how they felt, feel or want to feel. They then edit the image to black and white and submit it into The Uncommon Woman Ministry (our private Facebook group). They can choose to add a paragraph or an explanation or they can just post the picture as is. The Gallery has evoked so much conversation, Sisterhood, and healing interaction in the Community that we are now opening it up to national and international submissions and will be continuing to grow the gallery as the tour moves across Canada and into other countries and continents.

Do you have a story to tell?

1. Choose a word or phrase that represents your story and how you felt, feel or want to feel
2. Take a picture using your cell phone or a camera (make sure the word is legible and the right way)
3. Edit the picture into black and white
4. Submit a short paragraph (3-5 sentences) optional, and your email and name and where you are located
5. If your image is chosen it will be added to The Gallery

Submit Your Photo