“When women are given the confidence, courage, clarity, and composure to own and share their stories of strength from struggle, they can change the course of history.”



“When women are given the confidence, courage, clarity, and composure to share their
stories of strength from struggle, they can change the course of history.”

Your life is made of a million magical moments. Each moment connects your past to your present and your present to your future, but even greater are the connections that are made through your experiences to the lives of others. Often WE FEEL isolated and alone in our stories and our experiences, but we are just one conversation and one story away from understanding, compassion, acceptance, and healing.

The problem is that we don’t always know how to share it, who to share it with, or where to begin!

Join myself, and our powerful tribe of women in Your 3 Minute Story Masterclass, a specialized program designed for the Uncommon Woman who wants to change the world one story at a time!

Stand on the shoulders of your story, and become a powerful feminine force

who is dedicated to helping others through her story and the lessons learned.

Learn to take any story and create a masterpiece of it

by using powerful and unique methods of sharing to catch and keep the attention of your audience.

Build the confidence and courage you need to own the story 

you carry on your heart through self study, practice, and feedback in a safe and private setting.

What I love about Your 3 Minute Story is realizing that at any given opportunity, we have the power to unleash our baggage and transform any “event” (good, bad or ugly) into a story that we can choose to learn from, that we can choose to heal from, and that we can, if shared, help others to heal from.”

Janine McJannet

Stories are the new soul currency, but people have a shorter attention than ever!

Whether you are a successful entrepreneur, a teacher, a stay at home mom running the show, a volunteer in a community healing circle, a blogger, a public speaker, a photographer, a network marketer, or an employee selling a service you believe in, your story is your connection to the people around you.

How do you keep their attention long enough to let them know you have something to offer?

When you can share your story and bring value to people in a short period of time, you have delivered them a gift. If they connect with your story and are moved by your words and the emotion behind them they will be inspired to continue the relationship, whether through staying connected to your work, buying your product or service, or listening deeply and applying your wisdom to their life.

 in ub inWHAT YOU GET:



  • 3 Storytelling Training Videos to walk you through each stage of the program and lay the foundation as you craft Your 3 Minute Story 


  • 3 downloadable and printable modules to support you as you wash out your story and create a 3 Minute Story Masterpiece


  • A library of incredible sample 3 Minute Story videos done by graduates of Your 3 Minute Story


  • Mindset Mastery training videos loaded with powerful and inspiring messages to lift you as you step forward, and to give you clear strategies to overcome some of the most common challenges and obstacles





    You have so many stories and don’t know where to start

    You have a product or service you want to share and need to tighten your story and speak to your audience

    You find yourself getting emotional when you start to share your story

    You can’t find a clear path through your thoughts so you talk, and talk, and talk some more

    You know your story has impact because people have told you to share it but you don’t think anyone will care, or listen to it

    You see other people speaking and wish you had their courage and confidence

    You know that with the right support and feedback you can do anything no matter how hard it may seem right now

    You are already impacting others with your story and you know that with some skill and coaching you could change the world with it

    You thrive in tribes and feed off the energy of a group of fired up women

    You think you are the only person with your story

    You are terrified of video and public speaking

    After just 3 weeks, I was blown away! I was blown away by how many layers of my story I had peeled back that I didn’t even know I had. I was shocked by what I had unearthed, and with the level of clarity I had after working with Marlo for only 3 weeks!
    I am truly amazed by her gifts. Marlo has an innate ability to teach women how to dig deep into the “vaults of their soul,” to find their truth, and honour it. The process she has designed is genius. We all have stories. I feel that everyone could benefit from working with Marlo. It’s tough work, but 💯 worth the return on investment. It is peace, and happiness, and letting go.

    Kim Lamontagne
    Mental Health Advocate and Speaker

    Your 3 Minute Story Masterclass

    is an online intensive designed to take your story from mediocre to masterpiece in just THREE weeks!

    You will…

    • Get clarity on which story you need to tell now, based on what is calling you and who you want to serve (even if it’s yourself!)
    • Create a standing O Intro and Outro because where to start and how to end are ALWAYS a struggle
    • Curate your content so you can share the vital parts of your story and deliver value and meaning from an empowered place
    • Build the confidence and courage you need to share your story with others on whichever platform you desire, even if over coffee
    • Practice your 3 Minute Story in a safe container, whether you plan to share it or just use it for your own growth and healing

    One of the most exciting things for me to witness is the growth and rise of a woman in her superpower! Over the last decade I have encountered thousands of women with the most amazing stories and SO many of them want to share them and have no idea how! I am guessing if you are here…you may be feeling similar.

    It’s one thing to share your story in 30 minutes but to dial it into under 3 minutes!
    That is a rare skill, my Sister, and it is what the world needs right now!

    We need impactful masterpieces curated from the souls of women who have lived, and are here to help and heal!

    So worry no more, Goddess! You are going to leave here with more clarity, courage, confidence, composure than you could have ever imagined possible in 3 weeks!

    $77 US

    In the meantime JOIN SPEAKER SCHOOL where you will have access to free content and a tribe of amazing women who, like you, are ready to change their lives and the lives of others through sharing their stories.

    “I loved being held accountable with myself to show up and do the thing that terrifies me. I have a lot to share and haven’t used my voice out of fear. Saying yes to the process allowed me to face fear in the face and put her in the back seat, while getting encouraging feed back to dive deeper. I also realized our stories have stories within the story. My 3 Minute Story is a way to break a part anything and make it into a flowing piece that doesn’t have to be memorized but an effortless way to say/share what you already know and make it delicious for other ears to hear.”

    Carlene Kanellis